BBI Appeal Attracts Worldwide Attention

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The legal battle over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) has already attracted the attention of the world’s best lawyers even before its hearing begins at the Supreme Court.

The top lawyers including are seeking to take part in the hearing. They are seeking to be involved in the case as friends of the court and will not take sides in it.

Some of those lawyers include Professors Gautam Bhatia (India), Rosalind Dixon (Australia), Richard Albert (USA), David E. Landau (USA), and Yaniv Roznai (Israel).

Though they claimed that they have no personal interest in the matter and will not take sides in the case, the scholars seem to have been against the BBI Bill.

The lawyers are seeking to make joint submissions on six issues to help the Supreme Court developed the law.

On the issues about the electoral boundary delimitation (proposed creation of new constituencies), the law professors noted that the decision of the High Court and the Court of Appeal was correct.

According to them, the delimitation of boundaries and apportionment of the proposed constituencies was the duty of the IEBC.

“Comparative experience clearly shows that where electoral districts are drawn by political incumbents, or in a highly partisan manner, this threatens basic principles of electoral democracy by allowing those actors to create a “tilted” playing field that renders elections increasingly unfair,” the scholars said as reported by Daily Nation.

In their application, the lawyers are seeking admission into the case to help the court determine the questions raised in the dispute by the appellants.

The BBI appeal at the Supreme Court was filed by the Attorney General, the IEBC, and lawyers Charles Kanjama and Omore Morara. The group moved to the court to challenged a decision by the Court of Appeal that rendered the BBI Bill null and void claiming that its processes were unlawful.

The world-renowned law experts claim that they have the requisite professional skills that can help the court determine the disputed issues in the case.

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