Blow by blow account of bizarre Mtwapa incident of couple who killed themselves.

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Of late, the country has sadly gotten used to cases of crimes of passion where a jilted lover takes the life of a spouse before then killing themselves afterwards. However, in the latest incident from Mtwapa which the Kilifi county is still struggling to come to terms with, the man, who has since been identified as Rastaman jumped to his death, before his young lover did the same seconds later after shouting some pronouncements. A blow by blow account from a neighbour pieces together events from their entry to the house, to the declarations the woman, identified as Lucy Nyokabi, shouted, before also plunging to her death.

A guard at the residence says that when the two entered into their apartment before they faced their fateful predicament later, they appeared to be in good spirits, and didn’t seem to be in anyway disturbed or troubled whatsoever. Neighbours, on the other hand, described the couple as just a normal couple that didn’t have any peculiar or noticeable characteristics about them.

It’s said that the woman, Lucy Nyokabi, who was in her early 20s, was paying a monthly rent of 13, 500 for the apartment.

Crime scene investigators found broken glass pieces in their house later on, implying that the incident started in their house where the two most likely engaged in a scuffle, before the tussle then moved outside to the balcony of the five-storey building.

A neighbour says that although they could hear loud exchanges and a melee, it didn’t sound like anything life threatening. However, they became alarmed, and everything became chilling after they noticed that Rastaman had jumped to his death.

Almost immediately, Lucy Nyokabi shouted hysterically, ”Nakufata huko huko saa hii tuu” (am also coming there just now) before she then also jumped.

The neighbours say the impact of their landing was so profound that they had a heavy thud which was so much so that it set off one of the vehicle’s alarm.

Interestingly, they didn’t die on the spot but later on afterwards.

Their bodies were then taken to the Coast General Hospital morgue.

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