EdF: Kylian Mbappé responds to Noël Le Graët

Kylian Mbappé restores his truths. After discussing his agitated summer and his aborted transfer to Real Madrid, the number 7 of Paris Saint-Germain returned to an event that took place after the failed Euro of the France team. On August 27, the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët revealed that Mbappé had asked to meet him to discuss the lack of support from the French leaders, especially after the wave of criticism caused by his missed penalty against Switzerland. Except that the version of the president of the FFF is not quite the right one according to Mbappé. Moreover, the Parisian confided that he was very surprised to see NLG unveil this meeting.

“That, I didn’t understand. He wanted to meet me right after the Euro, I told him I was going on vacation, and we saw each other as soon as I got back. It was something confidential, and when it came out, no, I didn’t understand. I don’t hold it against him, I think he had his reasons, but I didn’t complain about a penalty, that’s not true. What I complained to him is that I was insulted and called a “monkey” for a penalty ”, he said in The team.

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