Jalang’o Choses Wife Over Money On Her Birthday

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Comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has revealed that he will not take any money from advertisers on Monday.

Jalang’o said that he will not advertise for any company, as he will be celebrating his wife, Amina Chao’s birthday.

The Kiss FM presenter said that he will start advertising on Tuesday after he finishes celebrating his wife’s birthday.

Radio Presenter Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o. Photo: Instagram “Yes, I know it’s Monday… But it’s my wife’s birthday… Tutafanya Biashara kesho bwana!! To everyone who has booked for advertising, we will do it tomorrow,” Jalang’o wrote on his Instagram stories.

Jalang’o also took to his social media to wish his wife a happy birthday. He wished “Jaber” t have many more years as she celebrate her big day.

“Happy birthday Jaber! You are a queen…You are a boss! To many more!!” Jalang’o captioned a photo of his wife.

It is not the first time Jalang’o is deciding to go big for his wife during her birthday. Last year, the presenter went overboard to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

Jalang’o’s wife Amina Chao. Photo: Instagram The presenter organized a birthday party for his wife at Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence, Arboretum. The party was full of several celebrities including the Wajesus family, Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o’s controversial Boys Club, and many more.

Chao, a beautiful Taita lady, dated, Jalang’o for three years before they got married in 2019.

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