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Musician Karun opened up on her mental health, disclosing that she was diagnosed with depression and was put on medication for months after moving to Boston. “I moved to Boston, which was very cold. When I moved, it was in the middle of winter and I had never seen snow before in my life, it took me a couple of months to get used to it and that’s when I started realising things about my mental health. There’s a thing called seasonal depression which happens very often in the winter and that is what happened to me and that was the first time I was on medication for depression,” said Karun

Karun added that she later developed anxiety that showed up in different ways, ”I realised that I have anxiety when I got diagnosed but I also suspect that I have social anxiety. Anxiety can shows up as overthinking and overanalysing a situation that hasn’t happened yet. It can show up in very many different ways,” she said. 

Adding; “I had a panic attack when I was in university and that was the first time I ever experienced anything like that, panic attacks are not normal for me because that was not one of the ways I experienced anxiety but I realised you really have this thing.” 

On having her son, Karun said she was ready to have a child at the time, “When I found out I was gonna have a son I wasn’t surprised, I was ready to have a child so that’s where the decision to continue the music journey came from. My son surprises me everyday but he shows me that he is very much himself and that makes me feel very good,” she said. 

She also talked about the end of popular Hip Hop group Camp Mullah. The singer said she did not understand what really happened, noting that she only knew they were not sure of what they were doing. “There was a lot of obligations and the feeling that this is not really what we signed up for so when I look back on Camp Mulla and people ask me what really happened, at that time I was 15, I don’t know what happened I just know we didn’t know what we were doing, we are international superstars in an industry that has no structure and you have to figure out who you are and that is by making mistakes,” said Karun

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