Muturi lashes out at mwananchi; go and ask your MP that question, not me.

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In an incident that is definitely set to add voice to those calling for the breaking up of Facebook due to the fact that it’s too huge and dominant, yesterday the company and its two App services (WhatsApp and Instagram) suffered an outage. However, so adverse was the effect that the version on the street was that all social sites are down, not realising it was just a single company suffering an outage. Either way, this gave an advantage to Twitter users, and a specific user by the name Mrefu sent a very long message to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, who has declared interest in the presidency. Since his was among the few questions sent, it was read at length and put before the Speaker. However, his response was, to say the least, unexpected.

Mrefu noted that Honourable Muturi having been a speaker of the National Assembly for close to ten years and having been the third in command in the country, he had not done anything meaningful for the Arid and Semi-Arid areas. Going further ahead in his critique, he added that Muturi had done close to nothing for Mbeere, which happens to be his home constituency. He mentioned the Ring Road in the area, saying it was dilapidated, and continued to be so, yet Muturi was speaker. Mrefu concluded by wondering what Muturi hoped to do as president yet he had done so little in his capacity as speaker.

This was happening on K24, where Muturi had been hosted for an interview by the station’s presenter, Allan Abinadab Owino.

Muturi began his response in what was to later turn out to be quite a condescending tone. He thanked Mrefu for what he called a good question. However, he then directed that Mrefu should locate his MP and ask him that question. He asserted that as speaker, his role was to help everyone, and not his home area. He said that would be corruption, and admonished Mrefu for trying to lead him into corrupt practices.

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