Osoro attacks DP Ruto in awkward moment of forgetfulness

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South Mugirango member of parliament and staunch Deputy President supporter Silvanus Osoro caused a stir after he attacked his mentor in what can only be described as an inadvertent action. The legislator who adores Dr. William Ruto so religiously that he once engaged in a physical altercation with a fellow member of parliament did the unexpected during a rally in Kisii.

As one of the local area leaders that have been accompanying the Deputy President on his Kisii tour, the MP got a chance to speak during a rally.

In what was obviously intended as an attack on the Orange Democratic Movement party leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Osoro took his supporters back in memory lane to the 2002 presidential race.

He then declared that anyone who was trying to woo the Kisii community and seek their support for 2022 would be unsuccessful if he had not supported the community’s candidate back in 2002, Simeon Nyachae.

This caused awkward moments and unease, as it was pretty obvious that back in 2002, William Ruto vehemently opposed Simeon Nyachae’s candidature. In a period that the DP has never been shy of recalling, he was a very strong supporter of Uhuru Kenyatta who, at the time, was KANU’s presidential candidate. He frequently refers to the time, calling himself Uhuru’s Chief Campaigner.

Whether Osoro realised the impact of what he had just said or not remains unclear but immediately afterwards, he made his attack more personalised.

He said that Raila Odinga should completely forget ever getting support from the Abagusii community because he was someone who opposed Simeon Nyachae in 2002.

In 2002, after then president Moi declared his support for Uhuru, Raila instigated a walkout from the ruling party KANU, and joined Mwai Kibaki’s NARC Coalition. In between the melee, former powerful cabinet minister Simeon Nyachae declared interest in the presidency through his Ford People party, but it was too late as support was mainly for Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta. Kibaki would emerge victorious in the duel, sweeping to power with a landslide victory.

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