Kenya Under Fire Over COVID Cash Transfer ‘Graft’

Human Rights Watch accused Kenya’s government of mishandling a cash transfer scheme intended to benefit the poor during the COVID-19 outbreak in a report issued Tuesday.

The money, according to the rights group, instead flowed to persons with ties to officials and politicians.

President Uhuru Kenyatta instructed the Treasury to disburse $100 million (ksh. 11 Billion) in May of last year to support the country’s most disadvantaged citizens for at least eight months.

Otsieno Namwaya, the East Africa director of Human Rights Watch, claims that money has never accomplished its original purpose.

“Most of the households that were supposed to have received support from the government never received anything,” he said. “The few who received something did not receive the amount the government said it had sent to them. The majority over a period of eight months received 3,000 – 4,000 shillings. The government was saying it was sending a total of 35,000 for the period of eight months.”

According to a report released by the Office of the Auditor-General in April 2021, $4 million (442.7 Million) was spent for a month to support almost 100,000 Kenyans in a poor part of Nairobi.

The identities and addresses of more than 97,000 putative recipients, however, could not be verified, according to the investigators.

“The lawfulness and usage of the $4 million could not be confirmed,” their assessment found.

Human Rights Watch is urging Kenyan authorities to look into the matter and thoroughly assess and strengthen internal mechanisms for future implementation of such initiatives.

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