David Ndii attacks Luhyas with ethnic slur

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A tribalist always appears acceptable when his rhetoric seems to defend your ethnic group. David Ndii was once upon a time loved by some but for the wrong reasons. He was hailed as a patriot despite him advocating for the splitting of the country based on ethnic considerations. It was considered admirable that he was attacking Kikuyus despite him being one. Nevertheless, since decamping to tanga tanga, his ethnic vitriol now targets everyone, and none is safe from it. Just a couple of months ago, he attacked Luos, bringing up the common circumcision stereotype. This time round, his guns have been targeted on the Luhyas.

In his latest outburst, Ndii replied to a tweet by a user named Salome who asserted that the problem with The Luhya Community is the small subtribes always try to rebel against the big subtribes. She wrote,



The Mulembe Nation unity is never a question of politics but subtribe rivalry as clearly depicted here. And it always cones from the smaller subtribes like elder Atwoli’s !

Ndii, on his part, used an offensive stereotype against all Luhyas, saying that the community is made up of people who only love bringing each other down. He wrote,

Mulembe Nation has a PHD (Pull him/her down) problem.

In the past, Ndii has worryingly predicted that a time is coming when marginalised areas will start to revolt and push for cessation in order to attain their economic independence.

“Tyranny of numbers and manipulation of the weak by the strong and ethnic superiority complexes, this is not an option. Without a commitment to equitable development, there is no social contract. Which is to say, sooner or later, they will be no Kenya. Divorce is an option,” he averred.

While still in NASA, he led a group of radical opposition members who called for the splitting of the nation based mainly on political affiliations that were at play during the 2017 election. He claimed that some regions in the country had been disenfranchised, and cessation was the only option.

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