President Farmajo: Kenya Must Respect ICJ Ruling

Following the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) judgment on a maritime dispute, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohammed Farmajo, has urged Kenya to respect the Ruling.

The International Court of Justice ordered that Kenya will hand over a portion of the disputed maritime territory to Somalia. Kenya and Somalia do not have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), according to the court.

Farmajo hailed the Court’s decision as a watershed moment.

“It was indeed a just struggle that was based on a long vision, a deep knowledge, bravery, patriotism, the protection of public assets, and the defense of the nation and its people. Justice has prevailed.” he was quoted.

“The Kenyan leadership started to directly intervene in our country’s political process by mobilizing political groups in Kenya in order to create an atmosphere of chaos and political instability in Somalia that would ultimately lead to the withdrawal of the case from the Court.”

Mogadishu accused Nairobi of initiating a military war against its sovereignty and the Somali people’s public interest.

He also accused Kenya of mounting a strong campaign at the UN to have Somalia placed under the UNSC 1267 resolution, which would have facilitated the labeling of Somali businesspeople, government officials, and humanitarian workers as adversaries.

However, he urged Kenya to respect the ruling of the UN Court to help mend relations between Kenya and Somalia.

“We hope that Kenya will treat the Court’s decision as an opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries and enhance cooperation between the two peoples,”.

*This article was written by Gerald Gekara for Uzalendo News.  Email: uzalendonews24@gmail.com to submit your story.

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