Wanjala’s Father Asks Government Help To Bury His Son

Masten Wanjala’s father, Robert Wanjala, has asked the government for assistance in burying his son, a self-confessed serial killer.

“Ningeomba tu hata serikali wanisaidie kwa sababu mimi sijiwezi, sina nyuma wala mbele, ningeomba tu wanisaidie, baada ya shugli kuisha, mtoto wangu waniletee mimi mwenyewe nizike,” Mr Wanjala told Citizen TV. 

On Friday, hours after news of his son’s lynching surfaced, he spoke at his Bungoma home.

He stated he received word that his son had been seen at Mukhweya and lynched by a mob, but he was too upset to go there.

Assistant County Commissioner Cornelius Nyaribai who confirmed the incident, said the wanted criminal was killed at around 6.45am. 

Masten was scheduled to appear in court to answer murder charges.

However reports suggested the 20year old had escaped from Jogoo Road police Station.

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