Fans Defend Risper Faith After Her Post

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Risper Faith takes to her Instagram account to interact with her fans. She uploaded a beautiful photo chilling in her living room. What sparked interest the most was the elegance of the mansion. Some haters advised her to stop bragging. However, they received some backlash after fans defended the celebrity’s lavish lifestyle. They insisted that she wasn’t living a fake life, unlike others.


Fans went ahead to offer their opinions on the matter. They congratulated her on hard work and patience. Most applauded her immense beauty. Others praised her beautiful interior design and expensive taste. However, some expressed their jealousy of her success.


When bragging have empathy to remember those in Kibra and mukuru wa njenga shanks 😢Celebrity do such small talks Ati mansion lol

This mansion is goals..aki God si hata Mimi ni mtoto wako🙏

Your home is beautiful 🔥🔥🔥🔥goals❤️

Lol hawa are ridiculous, and your mindset is clearly the problem.. she is talking about her mansion, she is living in it..,must she pretend or lie so that people in the slams feel better? Puhhleaze..🤦‍♀️ if you live in mansion please talk about it.. I’m sure people living in those other places are not worried or embarrassed, they’re probably somewhere talking bout life in the ghetto! Let people be

nana_iyadi 👏👏👏wow the best comment ever sindio?plus even ladyrisper started somewhere so let her rejoice publicly she deserves that

Risper FaithRisper Faith liposuction

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