Governor Mutua; if I were to reveal what caused us to split, Lilian’s respect would be lost

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Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua continues to remain tight-lipped on what caused the split between him and former spouse Lilian Nganga, but at the same time, the reason he gives for his silence has spoken a lot about who may have been at fault behind their sudden split which caught an entire nation unawares.

In an interview with The Standard newspaper, the second term Governor Mutua spoke of various issues regarding their separation and his relationship with Lilian after their split which has been widely covered and caused quite a stir online.

The governor however, when quizzed about the reason behind the split, declined to say anything. He disclosed that were he to mention anything, it would lead to disrespect on the part of the former Machakos First Lady.

In the interview, the governor said that Lilian held a crucial part of his life for some time, and he still misses her. He said that having lived with Lilian for so long, she left a part of her in him when they separated, and for this reason, he affirms that he will always miss her.

“The people who are in your life, even for a month, two months, or 20 years, they leave a part of them in you. It is natural for you to miss them,” he said as reported by the publication.

When the journalist enquired as to the reason why they split, Mutua said that they had some differences. He however declined to disclose any more details concerning what might have led to their separation. According to him, discussing details about their separation in public would be disrespectful to Lilian.

“If you have issues with people you have lived with, you let the issues remain private. No one is perfect in this world. Just have a little respect and decorum…I’m not going to discuss my relationship, I won’t. It is disrespectful to the other person,” he added.

In a statement released on her Instagram in August, Lilian said that she ended the relationship two months earlier when winds of change blew her way.

“ The only constant in life is change and we MUST be present and aware to appreciate and embrace it,” the post read.

“Winds of change blew my way two months ago, I decided to end my long term relationship with Dr Alfred Mutua. We had a good run and I am forever grateful to God he brought us together. We remain friends…”

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