Siaya Resident Petitions Raila To Remove Orengo From Siaya Gubernatorial Race

James Aggrey Orengo.

Veteran politician James Aggrey Orengo is the subject of a petition to ODM Party leader Raila Amollo Odinga by a concerned Siaya resident.

Using the local Siaya Political Forum, Eddy TN Marachi has pleaded with Raila to remove Orengo from the gubernatorial race and give him a place in the national Government that he will be forming in 2022. According to Eddy and many others, it’s a foregone conclusion that Raila will form the next government.

The political climate in Siaya is searing hot. James Aggrey Orengo’s entry into the gubernatorial race has met criticism with many comparing it to a player on the English Premier League signing up for a FKF side. Orengo is one of the Titans in Kenya’s second liberation and was one time a presidential aspirant.

His entry into the Siaya Gubernatorial Race turned the tables on would be favourite Eng. Nicholas Odero Gumbo as well as relegating into oblivion aspirations of newcomer Charles Owino Wahongo.

Samuel Onunga Atandi could make history as the first MP in Alego-Usonga post-devolution to be elected for a second consecutive term.

To make matters worse Orengo now shows open support for incumbent Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi. Siaya County is headquartered in Alego-Usonga and the politics of the County are often determined by the mood of Alego voters.

From Governor to MP: Cornell Rasanga Amoth is vying for the Alego-Usonga Constituency seat. Photo | Courtesy.

Outgoing Governor Cornell Rasanga Amoth will now have an uphill task to unseat Atandi with Herculean James Aggrey Orengo behind him.

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