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Rapper Cashy has talked about her relationship with the father of her son, Khaligraph Jones. Speaking during a Q & A session on her Instagram page, the rapper wondered why women and kids suffer in silence and hopes her son sees how she fought for him. “Some men will not hesitate to embarrass you even in public. Why are women and kids expected to always be timid and suffer in silence? My son will see I’ve never stopped fighting for him or myself and I pray he grows up into a great man,” said Cashy

The mother of one disclosed that she is currently single, “I’m scared of commitment and raising a baby but sometimes I’m single-ish. I go on dates,” she wrote. Cashy also said she gets affected by trolls and insults on social media and stated that she deals with it by having a strong mind. “I get angry, I’m human especially when I’m insulted and the trolls. But if someone isn’t feeding you, even if they are mean, it can’t really affect you if you have a thick skin, strong mind and goodness in you,” she said. 

She told off women who look down on each other and fail to hold deadbeat men accountable, “I really love women and I’d support any positive cause for us. Wives and girlfriends of deadbeat men, why is it so hard to keep your men accountable for their responsibility? I think that’s selfish and something we shouldn’t support. It’s not cute to put other women down but God’s love will keep us rising,” she said. 

On meeting rapper Khaligraph’s baby mama, Georgina Muteti, she said, “I’ve met so many of his ‘wives’ and girlfriends I don’t know which is which anymore.” She said the last time she met the father of her child was when they had a paternity test, “During the paternity test we were forced to do,” she said. 

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