Moses Kuria reveals unbelievable 2013 deal that Kalonzo turned down from UhuRuto

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The latest from the Chama Cha Kazi party leader Moses Kuria is so startling that it is likely to be quickly picked up and used by rivals of the Wiper Democratic Movement party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, such as Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua and Makueni County Chief Kivutha Kibwana. Kuria claims that back in 2013, he was part of a negotiations team that was assembled by UhuRuto, and the duo which was then burdened by the ICC cases and desperate for a win reached out to Kalonzo with an amazing deal which, to their surprise, he turned down.

The Gatundu South member of parliament was speaking while making an appearance on KTN’s primetime show NewsHour, which was hosted by Ken Mijungu.

Mijungu, expressing his dismay, and what he declared, was also the dismay of many other Kenyans, enquired as to why Kuria and his team would demand for an entire forty percent of an incoming government, leaving the rest of the country to share the remaining sixty percent, and not to mention that all this is being added on top of the Deputy President’s seat, which he had also included as a non-negotiable demand.

Kuria defiantly defended his position, arguing that horse trading is a very common feature in Kenyan politics and every community does it. He said that the only difference was while he laid out his demands in public, others do it in private, and in fact, their demands are usually even more stunning, considering their numbers when compared to the numbers Mount Kenya boasts of.

He revealed that in the run-up to the 2013 general elections, he was part of a team which presented Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka with a deal stating that he would have a third of the government if he agreed to support UhuRuto’s candidature. The deal which Kalonzo clearly turned down was, according to Kuria, more extreme than his proposal. Considering the numbers that Kalonzo would have brought on board, compared to the figures that Uhuru and Ruto were coming with, a third of the government, which would have essentially made him an equal among equals, was too good a bargain.

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