Nyadundo confirms that the myth about his songs is true

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Ohangla maestro Tony Nyadundo is a singer whose career in general and songs in particular have given rise to many speculations and myths surrounding his persona. However, the Mapenzi Kizunguzungu hit maker has now come out to confirm that indeed, one of the most widely spoken myths about his songs is not a myth but actually a fact.

It has long been whispered that Tony Nyadundo doesn’t write his songs, and instead, sings them off the top of his head once he steps in the studio.

Speaking on KTN’s Benga Stars, Nyadundo confirmed that not only is this true but in fact, he has 109 songs, all of which he has never written down, and knows them by heart. He said that while the reason for this may be because he has a wonderful and powerful memory, another reason may also be because he finds the whole process of writing down a song tedious.

Touching on the issue of his unique voice, he pointed out that another feature with his singing is the difference between his singing voice and his talking voice, saying that the way he talks sounds very different from his singing vocals. He did a brief sample for the impressed interviewer to prove this.

In the wide ranging interview, Nyadundo revealed how, interestingly, it’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga that is the inspiration behind his Obama song, and not even the former USA president himself. He said that about just two days before Obama’s arrival, Raila called him and asked him to see if he could fix up something good about Obama, and that was how he came up with the popular composition.

Nyadundo also caused laughter after narrating how one time, during his performance, fracas broke out and people began fighting. He comically explained, dramatising the incident which finally turned into theft after some of the young men took advantage of the situation to rob him of the money that he had been given by revelers.

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