Nana Owiti’s Message To Michelle Ntalami

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Kenyan popular tv presenter, Nana Owiti have sent a message to entrepreneur, Michelle Ntalami after she opened up and shared her break-up story. Nana posted Michelle’s picture on her social media platforms and on the right side she sent a message to the renowned businesswoman. Ntalami has just shared a long on her social media platforms revealing to the public that she broke up with her long-term girlfriend Makena. The businesswoman shared the long post giving her followers all details on what led to their breakup. Well, just a few minutes ago Nana sent a message to Michelle.

Nana posted Ntalami’s picture on her Instagram stories. On the right side, she told Michelle that: ‘What does not kill her will make her stronger’. Nana stated that the entrepreneur should not be worried as all these will pass. Owiti encouraged Ntalami to keep on moving forward and not worry about the past.


To all our friends, fans and followers, thank you for riding hard for them and I. There were several fan pages dedicated to us, beautiful photos, captions and stories written all over. You kept us going, and because of you, we survived a little longer.


To the LGBTQ community, thank you for your constant love and support. I feel terrible because I was lied to, therefore in turn you were too. It breaks my heart when I recall how hard you rode for us and looked up to us as your beacons. This explains my absence in the events by the company. I will always love and support you, and if nothing else, all the work, effort and love I painstakingly put into the company we both began is the biggest evidence of that, and my greatest gift to you. 🏳️‍🌈

Nana Owiti

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