Ida Odinga reveals why Ruto does not allow Rachael Ruto to meet her ahead of 2022 polls

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The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga’s wife, Ida Odinga, has opened up on her relationship with Rachael Ruto, the wife of Deputy President William Ruto.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Nation , Ida has revealed that there lies no enemity between her and Rachel.

She, however disclosed that the two of them might not meet as often because DP Ruto might not allow his wife to meet her

“With Margaret, we are easy but for Rachael, I know with the current political situation, she may not be comfortable but what Kenyans should know is that politics is not enmity,” she told Nation.

“Infact we are friends though we don’t meet often. But I need to ask for permission from anyone to meet anybody,” she added

“There are certain decision that I can also make. If i need consultation. I’ll consult, but there are certain decision I can make as a human being,”

Ida, justifying her sentiments, noted that Ruto may not allow Rachael to engage her because of the current political atmosphere.

“Even with Rachel we would be easy, but I know it won’t be easy for her. The spouse may not allow her to engage me for obvious political reasons. He may not like it.

She has however maintained that Raila and Ruto are not sworn enemies but only share different political ideologies.

On 2022 politics, Ida has revealed that she thinks that her husband is the best bet for this country since he has the Nation’s interests at heart.

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