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Millele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu has opened up on his life after successfully quitting alcohol two years ago. Speaking in an interview with Buzz Central’s Cheptoek Boyo, the media personality said quitting drinking helped him manage his spending. Mwakideu also noted that it helped him avoid unnecessary dramas in his life. 

My life has changed a lot because I’m saving more money, I used to go out a lot, I used to say we either party or stay at home. I used to buy alcohol for the owner of the bar, this is his bar, selling alcohol to us and I’m buying alcohol for the owner of the bar, so that is reduced as well. I also got a sober mind to think and reduce unnecessary blunders here and there,” he said. 

Mwakideu also spoke about starting his business, Pampered Rides which he opened during the covid pandemic following a salary slash by his employer. “During the covid 19 pandemic, Mediamax slashed half of our salaries, with half a salary there is a lifestyle you’re used to and your family is used to and I’m the head of the family. I had the option to either cut down my lifestyle by half or to look for the other half out there. I decided to go and look for the other half and that’s how I started Pampered Rides. I love acting, being on radio and cars so much, so even before I started doing car detailing I used to sell cars,” Mwakideu told Buzz Central

Other than his car detailing business, the journalist disclosed that he recently ventured into the hospitality industry after opening a restaurant set to be launched soon. “I’m also launching a restaurant and a bar on December 3. Sometimes your car might take up to seven hours being worked on and maybe you might want to have a drink, so you can sit there, enjoy a drink and listen to some good music,” he added. Mwakideu also runs an AirBnB business and bought several houses.

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