Sanaipei Tande: Maina Kageni Wanted to Pay Me Ksh 500K Per Month to Sire a Child with Him

Sanaipei Tande has revealed that Classic 105 FM presenter Maina Kageni wanted to pay her Ksh 500,000 per month on the condition that she sired a child with him.

In an interview with Daniel Ndambuki commonly known as Churchill, Sanaipei recounted how Kageni had quipped to her that he was going to give her that amount as pocket money in exchange for a lifelong relationship with her.

“Guys often think that I am not taken and that I am available. The other day Maina mentioned that he would be giving me Ksh500,000 as pocket money monthly if I got his baby. Girls keep on telling me to seize the opportunity but money does not control me,” she affirmed

Sanaipei Tande was recalling her time at Radio Africa Group when she was starting out at Kiss 100. It was there that she met Maina Kageni, who in turn was driven crazy by her looks.

She was yet to be handed a show slot at the station when Kageni promised her that she would never have to go to work again in her life if she sired his child. At the time, she was only between 21 and 22 years old.

“I was yet to be given a show at Kiss 100 and he said: ‘If you never want to work another day in your life give me a baby’, ”Sanaipei said.

“I was very young maybe 21 or 22 yet he was talking about making me a mother…I was just starting out. I keep telling young girls not to involve themselves in such things before they create a clear career path for themselves,” she advised.

The talk about her and the radio host was so problematic that every time she put up a post, many of her followers would flood her comments section with pressure on her to give him a baby.

Sana added that she is not too big on social media and had contemplated quitting it but noted that they are important in enhancing her brand and overall, her music career.

While being quizzed on the matter in-studio on Wednesday, September 8, Kageni revealed that he is ready to walk down the aisle with Sana if she gives her a chance. He reiterated his confession to having a crush on her and would stay crushing on her for life.

“Who would you kiss, date, and marry between; Nadia Mukami, Sanaipei Tande, and Tanasha Donna,” a lady who recorded him in a video shared on the radio station’s Instagram page asked him to pick amongst three of the top female celebrities in Kenya.

“I will marry Sanaipei. I have always been crushed on her, I have asked her to have my baby she has refused from kitambo (a long time ago). I will marry her at the drop of a heart any day. She is my all-time crush and forever,” Maina quickly answered.

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