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Musician and actress Sanaipei Tande has opened up on her relationship with media personality Maina Kageni who professed his love for her, terming her his crush. Speaking in an interview, the artiste disclosed that she first interacted with Maina while working at Radio Africa’s Kiss FM

Sanaipei said Maina asked her to have his child but she declined the offer because she was focused on building his career. “He told me when I had just joined Kiss 100 FM even before I was given my own show. If I never want to work another day in my life I give him a child. I was still a baby, I was just 21 and I was starting out my career and he was telling me about being a mother,” she said. 

The actress also said netizens have taken Maina’s crush on her out of context and they now constantly talk about him in her comment sections. “He has brought me a lot of trouble, everything I post people must tag him; give Maina Kageni a baby and now that I don’t like talking about relationships and kids, people think I’m not dating and I’m still single,” She added.

Sanaipei also said that she is not a social media person and she would love to quit but her job will not allow her. “Social media makes me tired, I would love to leave but our jobs are centred around social media; while I was working on Nation FM, my co-host Obinna rebuked me because I had not joined Instagram and the problem is that people are hired on the basis of the following that they have instead of quality,” she wrote. 

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