Mulamwah Reveals What’s In His DMs

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Kenyan comedian David Oyando who is fondly known as Kendrick Mulamwah recently became a father together with long-time Girlfriend Caroline Muthoni alias Sonnie.

The duo had a beautiful baby girl whom they revealed her face a few days ago.

Mulamwah took to social media with a long post about how much his life has changed since his daughter came into the picture.


”The queen herself, @keilah_oyando. Today allow me to browse with my bundle of joy. Words cant explain how exquisite she is. My life changed the moment you arrived. Your interests will always come first.

”Wishing you a long life of prosperity and success. Thanks, @carrol_sonie for this amazing gift. I love you all 💕. Baraka.” Mulamwah posted a few days ago.

Mulamwah took to his official Facebook Page and posted that there are many ladies in his Direct Message (DM) asking to have a baby with him.

He bluntly added that he is not interested at all in a bid to keep the ladies out of his personal business.

”Too many ladies in my dm wanting to have a kid with me. Am not interested. Thanks.” Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah posted on his official Facebook Page.

Fans have reacted very differently to the post, receiving a lot of comments in a short time some wondering if the post is true or he is just after online attention.

Some have argued that it is very unprofessional of him to post such as there is a better way of handling the matter.

As usual, some fans took the opportunity to jokingly state that this is all comedy confessing that there are better men out there to have kids with and not him.


We don’t want our babies to strain while taking photos just to prove that they have ears

Ndo bahati ikue mbaya nipate mtoto akismile sioni maskio  I Kent risk 

Whose sister risk to have a kid with no ears,not mine oooh

This message goes directly to mama Oyando. It is meant to make you look faithful.


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