UK, Kenya ratify new climate partnerships announced at COP26

The UK has stepped up climate action in Kenya with new partnerships announced at the global climate change talks in Glasgow, COP26.

Ranging from weather data to electric vehicles, forest conservation to funds to tackle droughts, these partnerships will bolster the UK’s climate work together with Kenya in supporting institutions, grassroots organisations and scientists to tackle the climate crisis.

This is part of the new UK global commitment to provide 2 trillion KES of climate finance globally between now and 2025.

The COP26 satellite event in Nairobi was hosted by the UK, British High Commissioner to Kenya and Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Industrialisation Betty Maina.

The two marked these partnerships, as Kenyan electric boda companies supported by the UK showcased their innovations.

British High Commissioner to Kenya, Jane Marriott said, “The new Kenya-UK climate partnerships announced at COP26 demonstrate our commitment to supporting Kenya’s future of green jobs that will last  through weather services, forest data and climate finance. Electric bodas are driving the green revolution in Kenya, and we’re championing them in Nairobi as Kenya continues to lead on climate change.”

This comes as Kenyan e-boda maker Opibus announced it had raised Ksh 750 million from private investors, with support from the UK‘s Manufacturing Africa programme.

As well as lower emissions and health benefits, switching to an electric boda could increase the rider’s earning by up to 35%, according to UK-funded analysis.

Trade CS Betty Maina said, “Kenya can be a leader in the world by championing electric vehicles, not only by reducing harmful emissions but also by increasing the number of Kenyan made vehicles. I am delighted that the UK has helped grow this industry in Kenya, as we work together to tackle the impacts of climate change.”

The event marked the end of a pilot project which included 40 riders and bikes from local assemblers, Opibus, Arc Ride, Ecobodaa, Mazi Mobility, Fika and Kiri EV, in partnership with Uber and E-Safiri.

Hosting 🇰🇪 businesses and riders who are turning the boda industry green in Kenya – with support from the 🇬🇧

🏍💚🏍@Mazimobility @ARC_ride_global @Opibus1 @ecobodaa @fikamobility @electricKiri https://t.co/MVl9qUA09N

— Jane Marriott (@JaneMarriottUK) November 11, 2021

According to a recent study, sales of electric motorbikes in Kenya are expected to increase to at least 20,000 in 2025, and ultimately create over 5,000 new green jobs in Kenya.

Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner to Kenya, Theodora Clarke said, “I cannot underscore enough the importance of today’s launch of electric boda bodas, which has the potential to create 5,100 sustainable jobs and take Kenya a step ahead in achieving net zero emissions.”

The new climate partnerships in Kenya include a new partnership with the UK’s world-leading Met Office to boost weather forecasting and early-warning systems so people living at risk of droughts or floods can prepare in advance of climate shocks such as providing storm alerts so fishing communities on Lake Victoria can take action that saves lives.

The agreement will also target helping eight at risk counties in Kenya to plan and access climate finance to help respond to extreme weather like droughts.

The two Governments have also agreed to provide new funding into climate research to identify tangible solutions to curb climate change in Kenya and countries across Africa as well as develop new climate infrastructure in Nairobi to support Kenya’s commitment to become net-zero and reduce emissions by 2030.


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