Kamba heavyweight politician who swore and swore to never work with Kalaozo breaks oath

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Politicians worldwide have been known, since time immemorial, to always go back on their words. The most spectacular was covered by a Ugandan journalist whom I personally admire called Ssemuju Ibrahim Nganda who worked with The Observer at time. A powerful general called Eriya Tukahirwa Kategaya had just fallen out with Museveni, and every newspaper wanted an exclusive with him. He granted the exceptional interview to The Observer, but he first forced Ssemuju to correct an earlier story they had done which implied that he would work with Museveni again. Eriya swore he would never do that. Ssemuju agreed and published a retraction. After all this, Eriya ended up working with Museveni again. Now, one of the most prominent and powerful Kamba politicians just did a similar thing, after taking oath upon oath to never work with former Vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka ever again.

In an interview with Mary Kilobi-Atwoli on her show Wako Wapi, former Kitui senator David Musila admitted that he intends to help campaign for Kalonzo in his presidential bid. This is despite him having swore earlier on severally, and most memorably in an interview with KBC’s Khainga Okwemba, that he would never work with the former Vice-president.

The April 2017 fallout between David Musila and Kalonzo Musyoka was as incredible as it was dramatic. A whole chairman of the Wiper Democratic Movement party in the name of David Musila claimed that the nomination ticket for the party’s gubernatorial race in Kitui county had been unfairly snatched from him and handed over to the incumbent, Julius Malombe. More drama was to follow after both protagonists tossed their hats in the ring and ended up losing to battle-hardened Charity Ngilu. Musila had already left Wiper by then.

Following this, Musila teamed up with other aggrieved former members of the Wiper party and roundly criticised Kalonzo Musyoka. Going on to pen a book later, Musila details all his political experiences in the book. Time and again he swore never to work with Kalonzo Musyoka ever again. However, as have done many a politician before him, he has decided to go back on his word.

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