Kitengela residents decry poor disaster management by Kajiado County Government

Kajiado  County government has come under scrutiny yet again after a fire destroyed property worth millions at Miriam’s, Kitengela.

The fire which started at 7 pm Thursday evening razed down over 15 business premises in the area.

The county fire engine arrived soon after the fire broke out but is said to have run out of water shortly after arriving at the scene which prompted the locals to seek the services of a water bowser to put out the fire.

One of the business owner’s, John Kamau narrates that the fire started in one of the shops and quickly spread to the other business premises.

“We had to call the fire engine from the county but unfortunately it came with no water and we had to put out the fire using water bowsers,” said Kamau.

Kamau added that the county fire engine arrived but the driver claimed that it has developed mechanical issues on the pump and cannot pump water.

The residents claim that this is not the first time the fire engine has failed them resulting in great losses.

“This is not the first time we have incurred great losses due to the poor disaster management by the county government. Sometimes we are told the fire engine has no fuel, we have to fuel it first or it is stalled because it has no tires. We need the Kajiado county government to be proactive rather than reactive,” lamented one of the residents, Joyce Wangui.

The fire razed down furniture and foodstuffs from the furniture store and hotel that were affected.

The cause of the fire has not yet been established.


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