LG Introduces Sturdier, Better-Looking Foldable Screen

Phones with folding screens catch the attention of technology enthusiasts for their practicality and modularity. However, there are still those who are reluctant to have one of these, claiming, in addition to the high price, a certain concern with the quality of the screen. With that in mind, LG, which recently stopped making cell phones, decided to invest in developing a sturdier, better-looking folding display.

According to the Korean giant, the technology applied to this display eliminates that plastic appearance that many current folding screens have, but without sacrificing safety and durability. This is because there is a thin liner made with the same material as the soda bottles, polyethylene terephthalate (PET). With that, the screen remains flexible, but even more resistant.

“Unlike existing polyimide films and materials such as tempered glass, LG’s new screen coating technology will maximize flexibility while providing optimized solutions for folding phones, such as improvements to chronic problems such as printing of folds in the junction part of the screens,” LG said in a statement.

Also according to LG, with this new technology for coating the screens, the conservation status of the display remained intact even after 200 thousand movements. In addition, the company emphasizes that devices with external screens can also enjoy this benefit, as it can mitigate the appearance of scratches and ensure that products have a better appearance.

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Mass production of LG’s new folding screens will start in 2022 and could appear on smartphones and tablets on the market the following year.

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