Woman Who Almost Got Married in 2013 Says She Used to Give Wife Benefits to Boyfriend

  • A lady narrated she used to cover herself and only leave her eyes because she was sure she was going to marry the Muslim man she was dating
  • According to @just-wanjiru, there was nothing someone would have told her against that man that would have worked as she was loyal to him
  • Netizens laughed at her for her character development story with some saying it took her eight years to realise she was playing herself

A woman on Twitter has opened up about the sacrifices he made to a past lover because she was sure she was going to marry the guy.

What happened

@Just_Wanjiru said nothing people would have advised against the man would have worked as she was madly in love and committed to him.

This is what she shared on Twitter:

“I almost got married in 2013, and there was no one who could have talked to me or advised me or said anything bad about that man that would have changed my mind. So I used to cover myself and only leave the eyes because I used to say I am his wife. Top tier clowning.”

Netizens reactions

Here are some of the comments from his post:

@Executive0014 said:

“Personally these things gave me proper character development I don’t even want to think about that Maimuna too.”

@suekoii commented:

“Beautiful, there is a stage we could never agree with mum, a stage that one never wanted to be told anything or corrected or advised.”

@onessy added:

“Yoh! I almost decided to do the same in 2016 but this Nairobi is very small.”

@aabdishukri64 commented:

“I know the problems started when you introduced him to your friends.”

@KushKE asked:

“It took you eight years to know that you were playing yourself?”

@1vwani said:

“You were given proper character development.”

Man dumps woman who furnished his house

A woman went viral after a video emerged online showing her weeping bitterly after her boyfriend dumped her days after furnishing his apartment.

In the video sighted by, the fair lady was heard ranting about her relationship and she indicated that a man identified as Kobby had broken her heart and left her weeping.

According to her, she had rented a room and furnished it for Kobby but after all that, he went for another woman.

Source: Tuko Breaking News

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