Michelle Ntalami Exposed?

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The story of Mitchelle and Makenna Njeri has taken a new turn after new details emerge concerning the mess their relationship has been.


In an attempt to exonerate Makenna from the accusations, a person who claimed to be Makenna’s friend for the last 10 years came out to try and reason with Edgar Obare so that he can let the story die without ruining Makenna’s reputation.

According to the friend, Mitchelle is not a saint. She has supposedly hooked up with fena Gitu in an attempt to make makenna jealous. She revealed that Mitchelle hooked up with Fena, used her and when she got tired she left to him with makenna but in secret since she didn’t want to be outed as being an LGBTQ member.


The two of them have been involved with several women that are very influential in their places of work and the friend was afraid that this exposure will ruin their careers.

She asked Edgar to ask her followers about Mitchelle who has also been in scandals right left and center and whose love life was a mess since she refused the claims that she was gay.

Below is how the story unfolded.

Michelle huwa anatupasha na long paragraphs sana. 😂

hakua anajua huku lesville ndio real character develpoment iko!!💔😂😂

Heh, Leo chai nikumeza kumeza ikiwa moto!

Hawa watu wametoana nguo maneno yao wachana kabisa😂….

She’s hurting😢 guys be nice with the comments

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