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Gospel musician The Sos has slammed comedian Eric Omondi over his recent campaign championing for the betterment of the Kenyan music industry. Through his social media page, The Sos claimed he housed Eric, provided food and clothes for him and even worked on his jokes while performing at Churchill Show. 

Eric Omondi knows nothing of a Kenyan musician’s struggles. When he was starting his comedy career I supported him with clothes, food, personally housed him, he wore my clothes to the show. When his jokes had no punch lines we sat with him to help polish them so when he appeared on Churchill live he would shine,” The Sos claimed. 

He added, “My brother Mike Anko came up with the slogan “Hawayu”. We gave our input on how Churchill Show could cross the adult demography and we came up with Totos corner. Watch keenly the first episodes and see Eric Omondi hosting all the initial episodes of that segment of the Churchil Show.”  

The Sos also narrated how he came up and actualised the idea of the comedian recording songs sensitising people on an array of social issues. “I personally suggested to him that a comedian is a powerful individual that can above comedy point a crowd towards reflection on the social ills hence the songs we recorded to sensitise people on social issues. I recorded and produced 90 percent of his songs. We together with fellow brothers Shadrack Wangara Elder Mboya Orinda and two of his former daystar school mates part of the gospel rap group “Rachel” spent countless hours advising and discussing how he would improve his craft,” he said.

The musician went ahead to reveal how he, together with Eric’s former manager, advised him on how much he would charge for events and within a short time he was making Sh100,000-Sh150,000 per event. “His former manager Eric Omondi Duncan you would know him as a former radio personality on Spice FM was able to convince him that he could charge Sh50,000 up from Sh15,000 and a few months after this he was making Sh100,000 to Sh150,000 per event and eventually led to his career becoming financially viable. Eric became a successful comedian due to the support from many people. He works hard that I can attest though I don’t know what comedy he does these days nothing funny anymore,”

We barely hold up our own, whether it’s Kenyan musicians, acrobats, athletes and even our very own local brands. In Kenya politicians are more famous than our very own athletes. It’s a Kenyan disease. Our own deejays try to dictate to us what good quality of music should sound like, when most of them do not know how a song is produced while they are playing distorted Tanzanian bongo and Nigerian musicians.” Said The Sos.

The Sos accused a section of Kenyan media personalities for working closely with international artistes to popularise their songs in Kenya. “I believe people like Maina Kageni are on a payroll by the Wasafi TV crew, Fundi Frank unasema aje. Media houses like RadioAfrica I think have a music policy that’s created to drive a foreign agenda. You cannot let your own children sleep hungry because they are ugly and feed your neighbours kids because they are more pretty. Stupid mentality ati Kenyan music is not quality enough. Kenyans need to stop self hate.”

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