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Musician Tanasha Donna posted a social media post asking social users to support musicians instead of gossiping and promoting false accusations. In a statement on her Instagram page, the musician wondered just how far Kenyan artistes would be if they got support from their own. “If you are for me, be for me. If you ain’t stay away from me! I mean it and if you’re really for me, from the bottom of my heart, I love you all so much! Y’all keep me going. F**k the gossip, f** the constant lies and made up stories, f** the clout chasing, f*** the negativity! If you really for me 100 percent stream my music and not just YouTube!

We’ve got to change this culture of if you’re big on YouTube you’re a big East African artist! Go run up those Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Boomplay, Audiomack etc numbers too! How do we enter the top 100 Kenya apple music and top 10 are international songs? Al ot of the East African songs we see that have crazy numbers on youtube aren’t even on this list! Support your own! You’ll never see Nigeria or South Africa top 100 filled with international artists. They support their own. How is this industry gonna grow if we don’t,” she posed. 

Tanasha also fired at bloggers accusing them of promoting falsified stories without finding out if they are factual information, “Dear Kenyan bloggers/media: What happened to journalism? The same energy y’all have to promote negative controversial stories, without finding out if what you’re putting out there is based on facts. Find out the other side to every story before just running with anything. I’ve seen this happen too many times. Too much gossip, less support. These days people are capable of going to extreme extents and saying just about anything for traction,” she wrote. 

Adding, “Use the same energy to promote your local talents if we ever wanna see this entertainment and music industry grow. It is also upon us to make good music.I know enough artists making good music out here and don’t get the traction they deserve. Let’s spread more love and less hate! Kenya let us learn to support our own! I know we can do this! Kenya to the world.”

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