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NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 14 – Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has called on all leaders seeking various political seats in the 2022 General Election to conduct embark issue-based campaigns rather than engaging on continuous political rhetoric.
Mudvadi said most leaders were just engaged in rhetoric instead of offering solutions to challenges facing the people.
Mudavadi, who attended a Sunday Church Service at the Friends International Centre, Quakers Church along Ngong Road in Nairobi reiterated the need for Kenyans to interrogate the leaders they want to put in various positions before voting for them, saying making wise decisions at the ballot will help this country get the right leadership.
“What will be good for this country is if we stand for what is right individually and collectively. We must be prepared to make the right decisions by assessing the options available before us without being swayed by bribery, language, or any influence but Kenyans must be swayed by the content that comes out of the leaders and what the leaders pledge they will realistically offer to the people of Kenya,” Mudavadi said.
Mudavadi has maintained that the Government should tell Kenyans the truth in relation to the challenges facing the country especially the economic melt-down, saying this country needs drastic approaches to the economic issues including the huge public debt and lack of jobs.
“I have been saying that the agenda that is critical to us now, 2022 and beyond is a realistic economic recovery programme for the people of Kenya. People have started promising things that are impossible and they are not explaining how they are going to fund all these welfare programmes that they are putting on the table. Kenyans should know that there is no government that has got its money. The government only gets money through taxation and borrowing. So, the question is how much can you borrow and how much can you tax your people?” said Mudavadi.
The ANC leader who was accompanied by Lugari MP Ayub Savula and Treasury and Planning Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) Erick Wafukho, has emphasized the need to have leaders who will serve the people and not leaders who will put individual interests ahead of the collective responsibilities that will see every Kenyan live a decent life and can put food on the table.
He has said that if Kenyans elect him as their 5th President in the August 2022 elections, he will make sure that all children access quality education and every family is secured wherever it lives.

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“I am ready to walk with Kenyans to mitigate the pressures facing the people of Kenya, we need to join hands in the fight against corruption by taking this fight to the grassroots levels so that Kenyans themselves can weed out who are these people embezzling public funds at the expense of the already overburdened tax-payers.
The ANC Party leader who has already declared his interest for the top seat also used the opportunity to condemn all leaders who are propagating violence in campaigns saying that Kenyans are not ready to walk the 2007/2008 post-election violence route again. He has called on Politicians to be tolerant and accommodate each other during this electioneering period for us to have a peaceful election and presidential transition come 2022.
“The security agencies must take firm action, political parties must be reprimanded, IEBC must do its job, the NCIC must start speaking out and calling out those politicians propagating hate speech and fueling violence, and the church must condemn such incidences that fuel violence and restrain Kenyans from going that route. If we take that route then it is going to be very difficult for the people of Kenya and this will undermine democracy and lead to wrong people occupying critical offices in this country because of violence.” Said Mudavadi.
“If someone stage-manages an incident then the person should be arrested. Flimsy excuses and explanations should not arise out of the people trying to trivialize these issues. Kenyans should hold all the leaders to account and the Media should help in pointing out these issues. We need to have a Kenya and leadership that is straight forward and leaders should use civil language when talking to Kenyans since we strongly condemn violence.” Added Mudavadi.
The ANC leader also defended the One Kenya Alliance by saying they are forging a united and strong front ahead of the 2022 Presidential race. He has pointed out that early 2022 is when the OKA flag bearer might be known with the technical committees working around modalities to have a road map that will help in achieving that. Lugari MP Ayub Savula said consensus will be the best route citing that the ANC Party leader stands a better chance amongst his co-principals.

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