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Musician Sanaipei Tande has opened up on what led to the separation of Sema music group which she was part of alongside Pam Waithaka and Kevin Waweru. Speaking in a recent interview, the musician disclosed that the group fell out due to lack of proper guidance and management, despite their parents’ involvement in their music careers. 

In the music industry people need guidance, without proper guidance you will get lost. I can say I’m thankful because I had parents who were involved. You can be guided by your parents but in the industry, you must have someone guiding you in terms of music and finances. We didn’t have that and we were also young. I think what contributed to the separation,” she said. 

Sanaipei also spoke about Sema’s trip to Netherlands which she refused to be part of after Homeboyz warned they would not be held responsible should something happen to them. Sanaipei said she refused to accompany Pam and Kevin, adding that her parents were also against the idea. 

There was a bishop who had a church at 680, he wanted to take Sema from Homeboyz and he had planned a trip to the Netherlands but I refused to go because Homeboyz wrote a letter to our parents saying they would not take any responsibility if anything happens to us during the trip and I pulled out because if my employer was not going to be responsible for me and my parents are not for the ideawhy would I go?” she stated.

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