“Wewe Umewai Toka Kenya?” Eric Omondi Destroys Churchill Comedian In an Ugly Online Fight

Churchill comedian YY comedian and Eric Omondi have faced off online after the Churchill comedian called out Eric dissing his stunts and his way of comedy even calling out his show wife material, “Bro you have lost direction… You even brought women but still failed… Jokes umerudia zikapigwa kiraka… Come let me teach you how to do stand-up comedy before you walk naked…”

This come hours after Eric Omondi called out Kenyan comedians for being basic in his latest rant against creative of the Kenyan entertainment scene.

“… If there is a GROUP of people in this COUNTRY that lack DIRECTION, INNOVATION and VISION then it has to be our comedians. ZERO effort!!! The Most BORING BUNCH of Entertainers in this COUNTRY!!! In a COUNTRY of 46 MILLION People No Comedian has gone international . Everything from their JOKES to production is too local doing the same things year in, Year out… We need a NEW CROP/GENERATION of COMEDIANS.”

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