Butita saya Eric Omondi is a mad man with a valid point

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Comedian Eddie Butita has come out to speak about Eric Omondi arrest and his campaign to push for local content in the Kenyan media.

Speaking to online journalists, on Tuesday evening, Butita said that he has come to realize that Eric Omondi has a valid point in his campaign despite criticism from a section of the public.

Butita confessed that at first he was spectacle about supporting Eric Omondi but he has started getting some sense in his campaign.

“Nimekaa chini nikaona hio kitu ya Eric Omondi nikajiambia kuwa if only artists took it seriously, what could have been the news today because Eric anafanya hii kitu kimchezo but watu hawaoni the real issue. The real issue here is playing 75% Kenyan content,” Butita said.

Butita criticized the Kenya media for dominating their prime time with international content but leaving out the Kenyan content. This he said, only benefit the foreign artists and not the local artists.

“Msanii wa Kenya anastruggle kumake kipindi kwa TV na hana budget juu vipindi vya nje vinadominate TV,” he added.

“Eric is only telling you to ask for 75% but watu wanasema yeye ni mwendawazimu mara anachase clout, sasa anatafuta clout na afanyi muziki?”

Butita said that it is high time should ask for what is there noting that 75% that Omondi is asking for is making sense. According to him, the Kenyan media has money and resource but they only spend it on foreigners.

“Look at Eric’s issue from another angle, it is very important. Eric might be wazimu but he has a point, data saa mbaya kuna muda inasema ukweli,” the comedian said.

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