Justice Juma Chitembwe Dismisses Mike Sonko’s Video  Leaks

High Court Judge Justice Juma Chitembwe. [Photo|Courtesy]

The High Court Judge Justice Juma Chitembwe has termed the leaked videos by Mike Sonko alleging that he was discussing how to compromise a case as a setup.

In an interview on KTN NEWS on Wednesday night, Justice Chitembwe said that the videos that were unleashed on social media by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko were meant to tarnish his name after dismissing the case challenging the swearing-in of Anne Kananu as governor.

I highly suspect that it was Jimmy taking videos because Sonko was on my left…I didn’t invite them to my sitting room…unknown to me, this was a setup. Later on my friends told me that whoever was wearing the goggles (Jimmy) was taking pictures. Justice Juma Said Chitembwe.

He dismissed claims that he had been approached to act as an intermediate or a business fixer in the land’s case.

Justice Juma Chitembwe said that the videos were taken around July, after delivering the judgment on Kananu’s case, adding that he did not receive any amount of money as claimed.

“There was no money to be paid, the videos were edited to frame me…the amounts being floated were not known to me, I just heard them in the video,” Chitembwe said.

He continued that:

“The agenda of the videos is that we dismissed the petition of Kananu and I was presiding in that bench. When I saw those videos in July, I called him, and asked him, mweshimiwa kumbe you came to record me?”

The judge added that after realising that he was recorded and the videos were out, he asked Sonko about them, who promised him that the videos will not be circulated.

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