Mathematics Teacher Escapes through the Window after being Caught with Learner


A Mathematics teacher at a girl’s school in Navakholo, Kakamega county was forced to flee through the window in the wee hours of the night after his colleague and the school’s watchman stormed his house to bust him with a form four student.

According to reports by the DCI, the 19-year-old girl had been sent home for school fees some days back. However, the girl did not get home and she was neither seen in school.

Rumours believed to be true started flying around and whispering in the air that the KCSE 2022 candidate was a 2-weeks guest at his teacher’s house. It was said that Mr Enoich Osero was offering tuition to the learner in his house to cover up for the time lost.  

Tired of speculations, his colleagues and the school’s watchman, decided to confirm the story and walked to Mr Osero’s house.

Cornered, Mr Enoch Osero, activated his Hollyhood antics and escaped into darkness through a window at the back of his house, soon after his fellow teachers and the school watchman stormed his house at 3 am yesterday morning.

When the girl was questioned, she opened up that the teacher tricked her to his house when she was sent home for fees and he promised to take her through remedial classes in preparation for the KCSE exam.

The school’s Board of Management convened in the morning, to determine the fate of the Mathematics teacher who was yet to be confirmed as a permanent employee.

Meanwhile, the leaner was escorted to Navakholo medical hospital for necessary tests.

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