The Bahati’s Winning Again

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The Bahati’s continue to count blessings one after the other as they continue to count years of a successful marriage. Diana and Bahati are one celebrity couple who are an inspiration to a lot as they keep supporting each other in their different careers. They are very proud of each other and appreciate one another’s effort and wins. The couple has two children together and raises another as their own. I would say it’s their big heart that they get blessed over and over.


As they continue to grow their brand they shared with social media about their trip to Nigeria. We are yet to know the nature of business they have there or it’s just another vacation for the beautiful couple.


Diana was over the moon as she said she is always excited to board flights with her best friend, her husband, Bahati. Indeed a successful marriage is built on a foundation of friendship. Continue reaching for the stars the Bahati’s.


The Bahati’s

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