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Vlogger Getrude Awino Njeri Juma, popularly known as Miss Trudy warmed the hearts of many after disclosing that she is building a house for her dad. In a video on her YouTube channel, Miss Trudy showed the progress of the 5-bedroom house she is building for her dad at their rural home in Yala, Kisumu County. 

The YouTuber noted that she decided to build a house for her dad because he sacrificed for her and her siblings following the death of their mother years back. “The reason why I’m really excited doing this for my dad is because he is a single parent and he sacrificed a lot for us when we were growing up, he was basically my mom and dad at the same time. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my dad,” said Miss Trudy

Miss Trudy said her dad had limited options and he decided to educate them instead of building back in the village. “My dad didn’t have all the money in the world and instead of building at home, he decided to take us to school; a single parents with three kids he had to make choices, he chose us and now it is our turn to choose him so that’s why I decided to do something for him,” she said. 

She also stated that her dad has always wanted to live in the village after his retirement, “He has always dreamt about coming to the village, he has always wanted to live in the village, even when he retired, he used to tell us when he retires his ideal kind of place is in the village where there is trees and fresh air but things didn’t go on as he planned so I hope this is going to make a difference and put a smile on his face,” Miss Trudy added. 

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