Google Meet gains immersive backgrounds and metaverse-style video effects

Google Meet gained status as an essential application in the world’s pandemic moment, with more and more companies and educational institutions adhering to the distance model via the internet and within the metaverse. As a result, it is natural that developers seek to bring new solutions to improve the user experience to the point of rivaling Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Now, the company brings another handful of custom backgrounds to make video conferencing your own, offer a more professional experience or hide any possible mess in the house. Until then, there were six existing options, such as a classroom, seabed, nightclub lights, lively party, spaceship, forest and even a beautiful beach with coconut trees.

You’ll be able to use lots of new images as your background and they’re more immersive than ever. There are two new animated scenes (a Café and an Apartment), different weather conditions — rain, sun or snow — and different times to simulate the day outside. The application also offers the use of light filters, with colors that can give different tones to the video, or more stylized backgrounds to give a special touch to the broadcast.

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All of this can be configured in advance or during a call via the Effects panel, located in the lower action bar of the app. From the demo, you can see that Google has greatly improved the feature to work more naturally, without that traditional white “cutout” around people when they use digital backgrounds.

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These additions will come first to the web version and to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers. There is still no information about landing on free accounts or for the apps on Android and iOS, although the latter two should receive it soon, as they already have the animated backgrounds implemented.

In recent months, Meet has had several improvements, such as the increase in the limit of participants to 500 people, the ability to moderate conversations more effectively and an artificial intelligence system capable of automatically correcting the lighting in the video. The animated backgrounds arrived in June and have helped a lot of people since then, especially those who aren’t in an office or don’t have an “unstampable” wall in their home.

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