Staunch DP ally declines to agree that Ruto’s source of wealth comes from his businesses

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In an unusual turn of events, one of the Deputy President’s most devout followers reaffirmed his support for him, but refused to support the DP’s claims which he made months ago that the source of his wealth is his expansive farms and extensive business interests.

Nyeri County Assembly Speaker John Kaguchia said this while appearing on Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak which was hosted by Sam Gituku. Alongside the county speaker was political analyst professor Herman Manyora and Kathiani member of parliament, Robert Mbui.

Kaguchia reaffirmed his belief in the deputy president and also reiterated the Hustler narrative. He asserted Nyeri’s supposed support for the deputy president. However, when quizzed on the issue of the DP’s financial sources, unlike most United Democratic Alliance party members, he pledged the fifth. Most UDA members support the DP’s claim that his finances come from his businesses. Kaguchia distanced himself from the issue, declaring that he is in no position to know where William Ruto gets his funding from.

He nevertheless went on to praise the DP for his consistency despite the various roadblocks that have been thrust his way. He decried the constant attempts aimed to portray him as corrupt, claiming that the whole demonitisation campaign carried out by the Central Bank of Kenya under instructions from the president was aimed at stopping Ruto but failed to achieve this purpose.

He laughed at the various deadlines that have been predicted by the DP’s detractors and how he has survived them all. Without mentioning any names, he said that some had predicted the DP would burn out by early this year, and others said by late this year, but he had confounded both. Kaguchia revealed a current deadline that has now slated the DP’s expiry date to be February, but he expressed confidence that Ruto would surpass this too.

Kaguchia estimated that the least amount any serious presidential contender is required to have in order to launch and sustain a formidable campaign is five billion shillings.

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