Tanasha Donna Breaks Her Silence

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Renowned Kenyan musician and former radio presenter Tanasha Donna has come out to defend herself against recent accusations that indicated she failed to pay for cosmetic surgery. The mother of one has been a subject of debate on social media following the emergence of the allegations.

If you for me, be for me. If you ain’t stay the F*** away from me!!!! I mean it!!! & If you’re really for me, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! YA’L KEEP ME GOING! ❤️ F** the gossip, F** the constant lies & made up stories, F** the clout chasing, F*** the negativity! If you really for me 100% STREAM MY MUSIC! & Not just youtube! We’ve got to change this culture of if you’re big on youtube you’re a big East African artist! Go run up those spotify, apple music, deezer, boomplay, audiomack etc numbers too!! How do we enter TOP 100 KENYA APPLE MUSIC & Top 10 are international songs? Alot of the East African songs we see that have crazy numbers on youtube aren’t even on this list! SUPPORT YOUR OWN!!! You’l never see Nigeria or South Africa top 100 filled with international artists. They support their own. TUSUPPORTIANE! How is this industry gonna grow if we don’t???


According to the alleged reports, Tanasha Donna approached a popular socialite to get help in getting cosmetic surgery. The socialite help and connected her to an organization that does cosmetic surgery. After she underwent the procedure, Tanasha Donna allegedly failed to honor her end of the deal forcing the socialite to go public with the information.


Tanasha Donna in a statement that she published on social media has indicated that the allegations are false. She called out digital journalists and bloggers who aired the story for not getting in contact with her to hear her side of the story.

Tanasha Donna

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