Tribal Chic by Tribe Hotel scheduled for December

The December show will be the 11th edition of Tribal Chic.

Tribal Chic, 2019.

The Tribe Hotel has announced the return of its annual Tribal Chic fashion show this year dubbed One Tribe scheduled for December 4th. The theme for the show “One Tribe is Back” is inspired by Tribe Hotel’s belief that we co-exist on a single planet and there’s only one tribe that matters… humankind.

The year’s show will feature three-runway shows named “A different World”, “Sustainably Trendy” and “One Tribe is Back”. Each runway will showcase a unique collection.

This year, Tribe in partnership with the Colombian Embassy will host top designers Mercedes

Campuzano and Hernán Zajar. Mercedes will also work with upcoming designers in a bid to help Kenyan and African designers compete on a global platform.


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