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Gospel musician Owen Mwatia, alias Daddy Owen has shared how his life changed after his wife, Farida Wambui left him. The musician famed for songs such as Vanity and Tobina also explained why he cannot get into a relationship at the moment. “Are you planning to date soon? No! Why? I think such an emotional mess makes people carry a lot in their hearts and that’s dangerous to the next partner who might be innocent. Btw vulnerability is my strength. I am not Saint but a man, not just a man but a man of God,” he stated. 

Owen confessed that the split messed up his mind, however, noting that it was the beginning of something that turned out to be special. “A time like this last year I got a revelation, a revelation that changed my life forever! It was the beginning of an emotional roller coaster, something that messed up my mind. Looking back it’s something I still can’t explain, all I know it was the beginning of something special,” he wrote. 

On the flip side, the musician said that he has done a lot for himself in the past one year. “…in a span of 1 year I have achieved a lot! I have touched and transformed lives through my humanitarian work and the greatest being building a children’s home for kids born with disabilities. Another major milestone has been going back to the studio and coming up with an album and launching it, Owen added. 

Owen also claimed that he did extraordinary things just to prove to himself that he was a man enough, stating some of the events that followed after the highly-publicised separation. “Through the whole year I have been an emotional wreck! Living alone made it harder! Making me ask myself so many questions! Like am I a man enough? Am I poor or rich? Is all that necessary? The situation made me buy expensive unnecessary things just to prove to myself that I can! The situation made me travel far and book in hotels just to prove that I can! The mental mess made me flirt with people just to prove that I am still a man! Yes, a man! Am I proud of it? No! I felt terrible and horrible, and anything about me flirting or anything of that sort came from me being affected emotionally,” he disclosed. 

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