Donald Kipkorir Claims Ruto Pays MPs To Attend His Political Rallies

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The UDA party is basically surviving on handouts and small goodies being thrown the way of Kenyans and leaders, lawyer Donald Kipkorir has alleged.

The lawyer is among the most vocal critics of the party and it’s leader William Ruto, whose 2022 presidential bid he has said will not materialize.

He has observed that the party is basically alive because of the goodies Ruto has allegedly been giving his allied MPs to work with him and the party.

He states that branded t-shirts and handouts are the reason why Kenyans are attending UDA rallies and it could die within hours if the goodies stop coming.

He terms it a hollow party without a foundation and which basically depends on money from Ruto to stay afloat, claiming that even God isn’t with it.

“The day uda Leader stops paying attendance per diem to its MPs and Senators, and stops giving T-shirts and Kshs. 300/= to unemployed Kenyans is the day uda dies … uda has no god (they don’t even have God) or people but money it bribes for attendances … a hollow party,” he says in a tweet.

This comes at a time when Ruto is under attack for dishing out money to the people, which has been blamed for the chaos witnessed in Kisumu last week.

His opponents have sought to know where he gets the money, given that he at times gives out over 2 million shillings in a day, with some, like ODM leader Raila Odinga, accusing him of involvement in graft.

But he has bashed them for opposing his public empowerment program, saying that the money is a product of his businesses and other ventures.

Contrary to Kipkorir’s claim, the MPs working with Ruto have said that they are with him because they believe in his ideologies and nothing else.

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