JSC to deliberate on bribery allegations against Justice Chitembwe

The Judicial Service Commission will meet to deliberate on the conduct of Justice Said Juma Chitembwe over corruption allegations.

In a leaked video, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko met with man alleged to be Chitembwe’s brother who solicited and received a bribe on behalf of the Judge.

The Judge has however dismissed the video saying it has been edited to frame him especially after he dismissed a petition against Sonko challenging Governor Anne Kananu’s swearing-in.

Chitembwe says the man in the video isn’t his brother and they aren’t related although they have known each other for 1o years since they come from Kwale.

He says he met Sonko following the insistence of a client who was buying land from the former Governor and had sort advise to avoid being defrauded.

According to Article 168(b) of the Constitution, the removal of a judge may be initiated only by the Judicial Service Commission acting on its own motion, or on the petition of any person to the Judicial Service Commission.

Chief Justice Martha Koome says they have taken judicial notice of what has been reported in the media and the Judicial Service Commission is seized of the matter.

“The Judicial Service Commission will meet to deliberate on the issue according to its constitution and statutory set procedures,” She said.


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