What Amberay Said About Harmonize

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Amberay is a controversial Kenyan socialite known for her curvy body and flawless skin . She is a mother of one , Brand influencer, and a fashion model .

Amberay is always living her life public making her love life to be known by many netizens . She broke up with his husband Jimal last month where she was the second wife and as for now, she confirmed to be single .


Yesterday the socialite took to her Instagram stories to share her skin routine for this month and as she was recording, she spoke about Harmonize’s new relationship. She said , ” Harmonize is a very hardworking man and humble. Mimi akinikatia sahii sitakataa Kwanza vile akona sifa huku nje za viungo laini . Waah natoka tu chama ya kuwa single walahii . ”



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