Ivy Namu Talks About Closure

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Willis Raburu’s wife Ivy Namu has asked her fans to always be in control of their healing process. According to her, closure is a scam, as giving someone else might backfire.

She stated that the person trusted to help in helping the other heal and move on might decide not to be disciplined enough with the process, hence complicating the process. To her, it is wise for one to be accountable for anything that happens in their life.

This was her argument after sharing a post questioning of closure is real.


The shared post went on to question the incident where one claims that they meant no harm and is in love only to make their victim feel the need of continuing to be with them.


To a person who has fallen into this trap, then you are reminded that the disrespect was closure and confirmation they required. This also comes after her husband, Willis Raburu shared a harsh post, condemning hypocrites and narcissists.

Ivy Namu

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