King Kaka teams up with Rémy Martin on new EP

King Kaka celebrates two cultures of excellence.

King Kaka’s latest EP Happy Hour, officially dropping at the end of this month. For his new EP the rapper has collaborated with luxury brand Rémy Martin.

Throughout the process of creating his new EP Happy Hour King Kaka was motivated by the desire to produce something meaningful and purposeful – music that would lift the spirit and bring happiness in the current COVID-19 environment.

King Kaka last released an album in 2018. Since then, he has evolved as an artist, poet, and businessman, in part he credits this growth to the journey with Rémy Martin – experiencing new cultures, developing an appreciation for artistry and craft differently as well as reflecting on his own personal objectives.

Speaking about his collaboration, he said, “My connection with Rémy Martin has always been about drawing inspiration from each other for collective success. When two visionaries come together, something special and artistic gets created. Together we want to pass our passion for achievement to a younger generation so that they can embrace the spirit of excellence no matter what the circumstances.”

Happy Hour is due for release on November 30th.


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