OL-OM incidents: the prefect of the region comes out of silence

While the prefecture of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Rhône region and the LFP in particular are arguing about the responsibility of the decision to stop the match between OL and OM, Sunday, the prefect Pascal Mailhos spoke on the set of BFM Lyon in the aftermath of the incidents in order to explain his version of the facts. “If he lobbied for the resumption of the match?” Of course not, first of all because this responsibility does not fall to me. […] Shortly after the start of the match, a projectile was thrown against an OM player (Dimitri Payet). The referee interrupts the match and calls a meeting at which are the two presidents, the league, the referee, the vice-prosecutor, the DDSP and me. I remind you that article 549 of the code provides very clearly that the decision to maintain and suspend the match is the sole responsibility of the referee. This is said at the start of the meeting by the head of the league. And during this first meeting we examine the advantages and disadvantages ”, he initially launched, before continuing.

“It is obvious that, since the decision is taken after consulting the local authorities, we give our opinion, the DDSP, the deputy prosecutor and me. If to give advice is to put pressure, why ask for advice? I give my opinion on the two hypotheses, I assess the advantages and disadvantages. I do not give a preference, and at the end of this meeting the referee, very clearly, decides to maintain the match, asks us for a few minutes for the warm-up, and on condition that we put four shields at the corner post. A second meeting is held at the request of the referee in his locker room. He announces to us that he will not resume the match; we show him the about-face that this represents. We take note of it. “

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